title_iconAbout the COVID 19 (new coronavirus) antibody test for children

The test method is basically a method of collecting a small amount of blood from the fingertips using a lancet needle used for blood glucose testing for diabetes. However, in the unlikely event that a small child has difficulty collecting fingertips, we may change to normal vein blood collection.

We will do our best to reduce the burden on your child as much as possible, but if it is difficult to get enough blood depending on the conditions, we have to try several times. It may not be profitable and may put a heavy burden on the child.

In addition, if blood is collected intravenously, internal bleeding (bruises) or subcutaneous blood type (blood beans) may occur at the collection site after the test. Bruises and blood beans will disappear naturally, but it may take a week to disappear completely. For children who are not good at injections, tension, anxiety and pain may cause strong lightheadedness after the test. In such a case, you will have to lie in bed for a while.

Depending on your child’s mental condition, you may be asked to help your family. In that case, thank you for your cooperation.

In order for the antibody test to be performed this time within the tight time limit required by the partner country (China), blood must be collected reliably on the test day. We will carry out the test using various methods as much as possible, but if we can not collect it by any means (hopefully this does not happen), we will do it. Please forgive me because I think there may be other requests.