title_iconAbout PCR test for COVID 19 (New Coronavirus Disease 2019)

We began PCR test for COVID 19.

  • Needed appointment by phone in advance.
    Tel: 03-3217-1105
  • Unavailable to use health insurance.
    Test in the specified room. (Follow the way of arrow.)
  • Appointment time:
    Mon-Fri: 10:00-12:00 / 14:30-17:00
  • Result : Take 3 working days including test day.

We are now accepting PCR tests.


title_bar PCR test / Certificate issuance / Certification information

  • Hibiya Clinic is a medical institution designated by the Chinese Embassy that is authorized to issue PCR tests and certificates.
title_bar New coronavirus PCR Test

■ Please be noted following points when you come to us.

  • If you have symptom suspected infection to new coronavirus, we decline your visit.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • About use of an elevator / a rest room.
  • [Elevator] There are 3 elevators. But it is only available to use the leftmost one for a PCR test guest not to spread infection in consideration your result becomes positive. Please push the up-button with “a wheelchair mark”. Refer the picture.
  • [Rest-room] Please use the rest room on B1 floor if you need.
  • We are very sorry to inconvenience to you. Thank you for your understanding as we have to sanitize after your testing.
  • If you have a fever when you visit us, you will not be able to see us.
■ Important notice

  • Please be punctual for our infection control.
  • If you are late 5 minutes, we will call you and please be noticed we may ask to reschedule the time and day depending on the booking circumstances.
  • In case of train delay and flight cancellation, please let us know by phone immediately. Checking our reservation status, we will give some advice about the booking change.
  • If you are late 10 minutes, your reservation is automatically cancelled.
  • Stay home until you get the result. Avoid meeting with people as much as possible.
  • If the reception is crowded, please wait in a line along the wall of aisle keeping social distance.
  • Attendants:Please wait outside of the entrance of PCR center or building. (Except attendants for kids and translation.)

Please push the up-button with
“a wheelchair mark”

title_bar How to apply for PCR test for COVID 19

  • After making a reservation by phone, please fill in the required information from the email form below.
  • You are required a password when you fill in the mail form to reconfirm your reservation. We will tell you it when you make an appointment by phone in advance.
  • After sending the email form, you will receive a confirmation email. The application is now complete.
  • Regarding payment: As a measure against infection, we request that you make a web payment using a credit card after the inspection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. At the reception after your visit, we will provide you with information and information about the web payment site.
    (For customers who do not have a credit card, we also accept payment at the reception desk.) Please contact us for details.
title_bar PCR test procedure

  • Be sure to read it before taking the PCR test.
  • Explains the procedure to visit, check up, and go home.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking within 30 minutes before the test as it may affect the test results.
title_bar Web payment: Credit card payment

  • After the inspection, you will need a password to proceed to the credit card web payment page below.
  • The password is written on the manual handed on the day of the inspection.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by phone.
Payment of PCR test credit card
Inspection + Negative Certificate Course


Payment of PCR test credit card
Inspection + Negative Certificate + Designated Document Course

Payment of additional fee
In case of additional charges, please visit the web payment page below.
You can pay with the amount entered by the customer.

title_bar Installed an air purifier with a HEPA filter for infectious disease control

We have installed a negative pressure booth as infection control, which can remove 99.97% of virus in the air.